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​At Bunn & Sons, we value our client relationships. And it shows.

Discover the experience we provide through our clients’ eyes. Speak with our clients and read their testimonials to discover the stories of exceptional service we proudly share. Our years of experience in home remodeling and exceptional customer service are evident in every home remodeling journey.
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You get what you pay for…

We started finishing our basement with a different general contracting company in fall of 2020—yes, during COVID! The project finally came to completion in late spring, which was months after the job was set to be done, after many delays, excuses, and supply chain troubles. The team that worked on the basement got the job done at a pretty low price, but the final product was nothing to write home about. A few years later, there are several things we wish we had known and required of the GC on the project. We regret having paid even what we did for some of their work.

Fast forward to our remodel working with Bunn and Sons in summer 2022. The job started when they said it would start after a period of careful planning alongside their designer. It came to completion within a few days of when they said it would be done. The work, which included refinished floors, all-new banisters, a completely overhauled kitchen, and several other smaller components, is done well. Their carpentry team and subs are all friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and timely. They use a great app for scheduling and communication that makes the process fairly seamless. Our home was well-cared for in our 10+ week absence. As we’ve lived in the space since the project was completed and had an occasional glitch pop up, the Bunn and Sons team has been quick to respond and resolve any problems. We spent quite a bit more on this project, but the service has been exceptional. We also feel good knowing that we paid skilled workers a living wage for quality labor.

We would not hesitate to recommend Bunn and Sons for your next home project!

 -Bridget & Teddy from Broomfield

We can't recommend them enough

They built us a beautiful home addition in just a few months! Its moderately large, has a gabled roof, a crawl space, and even its own AC.

Some background: we had a terrible, concrete patio. It was huge, took up so much of our backyard, and had a roof that attached to the main house roof in such a manner that water would pool at the dam. It was also sliding down hill, away from the house, and pulling with it the roof. The concrete itself was over a foot thick, cracked, and slanting. It was truly a hazard to navigate, especially in the winter when snow covered up its many obstacles. Our dog even dislocated his hip on this patio and needed emergency surgery. Terrible.

That’s where Bunn & Sons comes in. They demo’d the existing patio. Excavated the ground around it. Poured in what appears to be an incredibly steady foundation. And from that, built an absolutely gorgeous home addition. They did this speedily, and we had excellent communication with the team. They worked with us and even installed some extra amenities to our house such as lighting and a better door to the garage. On top of all this, they even went the extra mile and gave us a wonderful deck, a dog door, and a ramp for the dogs (so the one with the bum hip can get up and down the stairs).

I can’t recommend them enough. Their team is excellent and well worth the price.

-Nora and Eric from Broomfield 


Five Stars, 100% Positive!

We used Bunn & Sons for a major remodel of our home in Broomfield. This was our first time going through a process like this, so we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and personable the experience was. They worked closely with us through the whole process, from design, to ordering appliances (do it early!), to working with us on the “must haves” and compromises in our plans, and all the way through the details of the work. They are fantastic communicators, and they made everything easy. And they came in right on budget. I cannot say enough great things about Tom and his team! Five stars, 100% positive – I’d use them again, for sure!
– James and Christina from Broomfield 

Quality service in every way

Tom and his crew finished our basement. We were extremely pleased with the results. They were great to work with. They paid attention to every detail and always followed up on things. The communication was outstanding. They emailed regularly with updates. When Sean and Zach left at the end of the day, they told us what would happen tomorrow. Sean and Zach and the subcontractors all seem to enjoy working together. It seems they all enjoy working with Tom. We felt that everyone was honest and trustworthy. Bunn and Sons provided quality service in every way.
– Joan and Larry from Broomfield

Honest and transparent from day one

Working with Tom and his team at Bunn and Sons was fantastic, this is a contractor you can trust. We hired Bunn and Sons for a complete remodel of our main floor, including a total kitchen gut and removal of a structural wall. Tom was honest and transparent from day one and delivered a quality product that we are thrilled with. They do their due diligence to provide accurate quotes up front so there were no surprises during construction. Communication was clear and frequent throughout the entire project, all of the workers were professional and respectful, and their determination to deliver a flawless product is evident in all they do. Even though our kitchen project is over, Tom and his team continue to work hard to wrap up a few punch list finishing items to make sure we’re happy and ensure our kitchen is perfect. Everyone we interacted with from start to finish was professional and fun to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone. You get what you pay for, they’re an enjoyable team to work with and they deliver a great product. Thank you Tom, Sean, Zack, Lori and Karly! You’re all awesome!
-Aaron and Amanda from Arvada

Expectations met and exceeded

“Working with Bunn & Son has been an amazing experience from start to finish. They are incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Tom is an excellent project manager and has put together a great team of employees and sub-contractors. Quality of work and timeliness of completion were both very important to us and he ensured expectations in both areas were not only met, but exceeded.”

– Taylor & Carly from Boulder (original review on Google)

We got the beautiful house we were hoping for

We hired Bunn & Sons to do a whole house remodel – during COVID and from thousands of miles away. It meant phone calls, Zoom meetings and limited in-person interactions and relying on an effective project management application to hold us all accountable. The renovation wasn’t without it’s challenges but we worked through it all together. From concept through design and construction Tom and his team were fantastic. The end result is the beautiful house we were hoping for! We could not recommend Bunn & Sons more highly.
-Cara and Walt from Michigan/Louisville, CO

'wonderful' doesn't really do it justice

We had a scary huge kitchen remodel to tackle. There was literally nothing we wanted to keep, walls needed to be moved, a complete redesign that spilled into other parts of the home because the original builder used cheap materials and carried them throughout the great-room and other areas.

Tom has been wonderful to work with. Wonderful doesn’t even really do it justice. He brings in masterful and reputable subs who are just as lovely. I can’t tell you how many times he said to me during the course that he was 100% committed to getting me exactly what I wanted. Tom has worked tirelessly to do just that. We LOVE it. Love. You can’t go wrong with Bunn & Sons Home Renovations. Look no further.  

-Deana from Broomfield

Very happy with the end result

“If I could give Bunn & Sons 10 stars I would. Fantastic job, couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Details: We wish we didn’t have a window leak that caused structural damage to our house. And, we wish the reconstruction project had finished sooner. But, we are extremely grateful that we found and hired Tom Bunn of Bunn and Sons to complete our project. Next time, we will have a list of only one general contractor to call.

We had a difficult to track down leak – something that was penetrating a rock wall in our house with an unknown source and a slow (many year) process to figure out what was wrong. Once we determined what was wrong, we interviewed a number of general contractors, including Tom, to scope out the project and implement a fix. From the very beginning, we communicated with Tom that communications, quality and integrity are the most important aspects of the work and we were never disappointed.

Tom and Brook (Tom’s wife who runs the backoffice) are great straightfoward communicators. Like any construction project, there were unforeseen issues – in our case, the scope increased dramatically when Tom suspected that what was happening in one wall could be happening in two other adjacent walls. Tom calmly explained our options and gave a rough idea on costs (a conversation he wasn’t looking forward to as it was expensive). Not wanting to go through this painful process again, we decided to investigate/fix the other walls – one had issues, the other didn’t, so prudence still paid off.

The reason our project was delayed was that we had ordered rock from a quarry in Wisconsin that was supposed to be a match with the existing stone on the house. It wasn’t obvious until some of the stone was installed that the color hue was enough different from the existing stone (on other rock walls on the house). None of us wanted to believe it. But Tom worked out a fix with the quarry, who found stone from another part of the quarry that matched better the stone they were manufacturing 12 years ago (when the house was remodeled by the previous owners). This delayed our project over a month, but as soon as we had stone, Tom had the stonemasons working to get the job finished before the snow started to fly (well, almost).

We are very happy with the result of the project – even if all we did is get back to where we started from – albeit without any leaks! If you are looking for someone you can trust to do work at your house, my search would begin and end with Tom. The subcontractors that he used to do work at our house were professional as well – people you could trust to be in your house and to do a quality job.”

-Arn from Boulder (original review on Google)

We couldn’t have asked for better partners in this project

Tom and Brook Bunn pulled off a minor miracle for us. We came to Bunn & Sons on the strong recommendation of good friends, and their faith in Tom was very well placed. We couldn’t be happier, even though the project was a wild one.

Our kitchen had suffered water damage and it was deteriorating quickly in multiple ways, but what Tom found when he demolished the surface layer shocked all of us! In addition to very extensive water damage, he discovered that the kitchen addition had been built on a patio slab with no footers. Not only that, but the slab was nearly completely eroded underneath. The load bearing header was also framed completely incorrectly. It is no exaggeration to say that the kitchen was set to peel away from the rest of the house at any time.

Extensive time and effort went into revising the scope of the project, restoring foundational support and addressing the significant structural deficiencies left behind for us by the previous owners. Tom explained each of the underlying problems as they were uncovered. He always brought good ideas, sound advice and an honest and open perspective. He worked closely with us to try to weigh cost against value – which is not an easy balancing act when the scope of the project changed almost daily for reasons completely outside of anyone’s control. Although we had to go well beyond the original scope of the project, we always felt we were getting our money’s worth … and then some.

Tom brought in solid subcontractors, each of whom were very experienced, respectful and pleasant to have around the house. Tom always took full responsibility for every aspect of the work that was done by himself and his subs, and made adjustments where needed to fit the everchanging circumstances.

Throughout the entire process, Tom was patient, cheerful, reliable and extremely competent. His integrity is impeccable, and it was never in doubt that Tom would always do the best work he could for us, and to achieve the results we wanted. His attention to detail and commitment to quality are exceptional, and he consistently went the extra mile to get things right.

Brook did great work keeping things moving behind the scenes, and she was a delight to work with. Both Tom and Brook went well above and beyond our expectations for high quality service and beautiful end results. Perhaps most importantly, Tom and Brook always listened carefully to us, and worked hard to translate our vague and indecisive notions (while overcoming some seriously challenging structural problems) into a truly wonderful kitchen and deck area which we will enjoy for many years to come.

We couldn’t have asked for better partners in this project, and we wholeheartedly recommend them. We will be using Bunn & Sons again in the future.

​-Ken & Lynn from Boulder

The end result was practically flawless

“Bunn & Sons remodeled my main bathroom. Bunn is very thorough and they are the best contractor at detailing and communicating every step of the process.

Every phase of my project was handled by expert craftsmen – framing, plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting, cabinet building. Every step was completed on time. The end result was practically flawless. I haven’t had any sort of trouble with the remodel at all a year later.

The best thing about working with Bunn & Sons is that you will always know what is going on with your project, who will be on the worksite, and what’s coming up next. Stress free remodel.”

​-Dave from Boulder

Impressed with their follow-up and workmanship

Our total house remodel was finished in February 2021. I was very pleased with Bunn And Sonns at the time, however what I’m really impressed with is their follow up on their workmanship. They reached out to us at the six week mark and the six month mark to check to make sure everything was satisfactory. We have never had any other contractor follow up like that. We had a few minor issues ,so earlier this week Tom sent over people to repair things ( ig light switch, fan) the following is a text I sent Tom after the work was finished: I was so impressed with Sean, Ryan and Jake this morning. I am consistently thankful for the quality of people that you work with! I feel like Sean and Ryan went above and beyond this morning to fix my fireplace. Sean is always focused on quality and workmanship! Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference! You and your company are the best contractors around! Y’all are awesome and stand squarely behind your work! So hard to find that these days! You can’t go wrong with this contractor!

highly recommend

“Bunn and Sons helped us remodel are kitchen, laundry room and fire place – all during these crazy COVID times. Their team of subcontractors were professional, skilled and always showed up as scheduled. Tom and Brooke are easy to work with, detailed and have clear communication. We love our finished projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking to do some remodeling!”

​- Dave & Brenda from Broomfield

Expectations exceeded

Working with Bunn & Son has been an amazing experience from start to finish. They are incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Tom is an excellent project manager and has put together a great team of employees and sub-contractors. Quality of work and timeliness of completion were both very important to us and he ensured expectations in both areas were not only met, but exceeded.

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