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Deb and Arn live in a beautiful home in one of the most picturesque areas of Boulder. Unfortunately, one of the things they inherited when buying this lovely home was a long standing, but undiscovered, water leak in an exterior wall. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the water damage had rotted several structural members in a load bearing wall and was causing major problems with the stone veneer on several adjacent walls. Given that we also discovered some sub-par construction techniques used in that portion of the house, they made the decision to expand demolition and discover all the potential damage. In the end we conducted structural repairs, installed new windows, installed new water management systems, installed a large portion of stone veneer, and to cap it off reapplied stucco to the entire home.


Spring Valley

Boulder, Co

A custom Bunn & Sons project

Custom Exterior Remodel in Boulder

Scope of Project

  • Demo and discovery of water damage on 3 exterior walls
  • Replacement and repair of structural framing
  • Replacement of large, custom windows on the South wall
  • Installation of a proper water management system under the stone veneer
  • Sourcing and installing stone veneer to match the existing finishes on the rest of the home
  • Applying new stucco to all existing stucco surfaces on exterior walls
  • Interior trim and paint as necessary in the space affected by water damage.

If I could give Bunn & Sons 10 stars I would. Fantastic job, couldn't be happier with the outcome. We wish we didn’t have a window leak that caused structural damage to our house. And, we wish the reconstruction project had finished sooner. But, we are extremely grateful that we found and hired Tom Bunn of Bunn and Sons to complete our project. Next time, we will have a list of only one general contractor to call.
We had a difficult to track down leak - something that was penetrating a rock wall in our house with an unknown source and a slow (many year) process to figure out what was wrong. Once we determined what was wrong, we interviewed a number of general contractors, including Tom, to scope out the project and implement a fix. From the very beginning, we communicated with Tom that communications, quality and integrity are the most important aspects of the work and we were never disappointed.
Tom and Brook (Tom’s wife who runs the back office) are great straight foward communicators. Like any construction project, there were unforeseen issues - in our case, the scope increased dramatically when Tom suspected that what was happening in one wall could be happening in two other adjacent walls. Tom calmly explained our options and gave a rough idea on costs (a conversation he wasn’t looking forward to as it was expensive). Not wanting to go through this painful process again, we decided to investigate/fix the other walls - one had issues, the other didn’t, so prudence still paid off.
The reason our project was delayed was that we had ordered rock from a quarry in Wisconsin that was supposed to be a match with the existing stone on the house. It wasn’t obvious until some of the stone was installed that the color hue was enough different from the existing stone (on other rock walls on the house). None of us wanted to believe it. But Tom worked out a fix with the quarry, who found stone from another part of the quarry that matched better the stone they were manufacturing 12 years ago (when the house was remodeled by the previous owners). This delayed our project over a month, but as soon as we had stone, Tom had the stonemasons working to get the job finished before the snow started to fly (well, almost).
We are very happy with the result of the project - even if all we did is get back to where we started from - albeit without any leaks! If you are looking for someone you can trust to do work at your house, my search would begin and end with Tom. The subcontractors that he used to do work at our house were professional as well - people you could trust to be in your house and to do a quality job."​

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