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Eric and Nora are Florida and Georgia natives who came to us looking to build a sunroom where they could enjoy the Colorado sunshine. After weighing the pro’s and con’s of a sunroom, they opted to add a proper stick built addition that allowed them to utilize the space for relaxing and working from home. We helped them develop the entire project to include architecture, engineering, and permitting with the local jurisdiction. They now have a properly built addition which added about 200 square feet of habitable living space. We really enjoyed helping them transform their home to better suit their needs. We also got the opportunity to integrate a nice dog door for their pets which will make trips to the yard so much easier for everyone! Thanks Eric and Nora for trusting us with your project, we hope you enjoy it for many years to come!



Garnet Street


A custom Bunn & Sons project

Home Addition in Broomfield

Scope of Project

  • Demolition of existing patio slab and cover
  • Earthwork and grading for new foundation
  • Ground up build of new foundation and structure
  • Exterior finishes to include siding and roofing to match existing
  • Interior finishes and trim out
  • Relocation of door between house and garage

They built us a beautiful home addition in just a few months! Its moderately large, has a gabled roof, a crawl space, and even its own AC. Some background: we had a terrible, concrete patio. It was huge, took up so much of our backyard, and had a roof that attached to the main house roof in such a manner that water would pool at the dam. It was also sliding down hill, away from the house, and pulling with it the roof. The concrete itself was over a foot thick, cracked, and slanting. It was truly a hazard to navigate, especially in the winter when snow covered up its many obstacles. Our dog even dislocated his hip on this patio and needed emergency surgery. Terrible. That's where Bunn & Sons comes in. They demo'd the existing patio. Excavated the ground around it. Poured in what appears to be an incredibly steady foundation. And from that, built an absolutely gorgeous home addition. They did this speedily, and we had excellent communication with the team. They worked with us and even installed some extra amenities to our house such as lighting and a better door to the garage. On top of all this, they even went the extra mile and gave us a wonderful deck, a dog door, and a ramp for the dogs (so the one with the bum hip can get up and down the stairs). I can't recommend them enough. Their team is excellent and well worth the price.

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